Developments near the Pudding Brook

Housing near Chippenham

Some developments are scheduled to take place near to the Pudding Brook. Research shows that there are plans to build houses east of the Pudding Brook on a piece of land formed by the angle of Saltersford Lane and Easton Lane. A report from Clarke Bond, Engineering Consultants gives details and refers to the area as Phase 1, the first phase of a larger development.

On 21stJune 2017 the minutes of the Chippenham Town Council record that the Wiltshire Council Planning Committee had approved the development for 450 houses at Hunter’s Moon. This is in the area that is known as Phase 1.

Plan of Phase 1

Street names

Chippenham Town Council

From minutes of a meeting of the Planning, Environment & Transport Committee held at the Town Hall, High Street, Chippenham on Thursday 3 August 2017 at 7.00pm 

STREET NAMING – PHASE 1, LAND AT HUNTERS MOON, EASTON LANE Members were asked to consider a request from Bloor Homes regarding seven street names for the above development (six plus one spare).

RESOLVED that the Town Council recommends the names Harvest Place, Hunters Field, Herdsman Close and Wheatfield Avenue and the developer be requested to link any future street names to agriculture bearing in mind the name of the site and its position near to the countryside.

Beyond Phase 1 

Cotswold Archeology carried out a survey in November 2017 for Redcliffe Homes and this is shown on the map in the following report north of Phase 1 and immediately east of the railway line extending up to Rowden Lane and taking in Milbourne Farm to the east


The progress of these plans is not known. Fields adjoining Saltersford Lane have been outlined with a low fence of black plastic held down with small posts. This is one of the boundaries of the Phase 1 development. A field on Patterdown which forms the edge of an area proposed for development is marked out in the same way, in addition to this a sign was noted advertising residential development land for sale in the field between the railway embankment and Patterdown. See below.

The Pudding Brook is a main river and features in the surveys and reports. In the Phase 1 area on-site drainage will be connected to the brook. In the larger development which features in the report by Cotswold Archeology the Pudding Brook forms a boundary to some of the edges of the developments.

The A350.

The A350 is being widened to form a dual carriageway which crosses the Pudding Brook at Chequers roundabout and the bridge taking the road over the brook has been reinforced.